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Fresh Organic Pomegranates turned into a Nourishing Super Soap!

Nothing tastes better than a delicious freshly picked pomegranate, but did you know that pomegranates are not just a tasty snack? 

The oils from a pomegranate also provide extremely beneficial nutrients for your skin. A well-known secret shared between dermatologists and their celebrity clients has been to add a natural pomegranate skin treatment to their daily routine to help brighten and invigorate their skin. 

The countless benefits of pomegranates and their naturally sweet smell only made it clear that a soap we could all use daily would be amazing! So scroll down and get on the waitlist to be notified when it's available + 10% off!

"You'll love this all-natural and highly nourishing bar of smelly goodness"

Organic Pomegranate Soap

Organic Skin Care 

Made with nature's finest nutrients

Our organic pomegranate soap has amazing toning properties, helps to tighten your pores, improve your skin color and has antiseptic benefits as well. It's the perfect cleansing solution for oily and congested skin. You'll love this all-natural and highly nourishing bar of smelly goodness that will help unclog your pores, then tighten them leaving your skin feeling brand new. Oh and don't forget about the the olive and coconut oil that will penetrate deep into your skin to eliminate dryness.






organic pomegranate soap

Get on waitlist to save 10% and get notified!

"After using this product for a short time I discovered I love it. Being over 50, I found it makes me look and feel like I'm maintaining my skin. Shortly after I started using it I would have less breakouts, less dry skin, a more smooth complexion and just an overall healthy look I didn't have before. In addition, after getting my eyebrows waxed, I put some oil on the waxed eyebrow area and the redness went away! So, I took it a step further and after doing yard work one afternoon, I had a bunch of tiny, hurtful cuts on my hands, I put some oil on the cuts and they were healing and not hurtful by the next morning. I've realized the more regularly I use it, the less I need. It's very affordable and is not falsely marketed like most other products on the market today. I'm not looking for the fountain of youth or to erase anything... I just want healthy skin and this product makes me look and feel like I'm maintaining my skin. You've found a long-term client!"

- Amy Mata

"This serum is amazing. It is not over priced like many I have used in the past, and it does a better job! It smells great and isn't overpowering like some products that use essential oils. I have used it on my psoriasis and it seems to tame down the inflammation and redness. Definitely try this product. You will not be sorry."

- Racheal Lamar

"Awesome and Easy to use! My teenage sons acne was helped so much with the serum. Seems so healing and healthy for your skin."

- Cathleen Shaw

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