While scouring the Internet for the best beauty products you may find yourself at a crossroad. Cream or Serum? Which is the best solution for your skin and why? You may find yourself on one site that claims creams are better, but then go to a different site and they swear by serums. Yes, we are a serum based company but creams do have their benefits and we would never count them out. Personally we prefer serums for facial care, hence why we have serum-based products. But lets dive a little deeper into why we chose serums.

What are the differences between creams and serums?


A cream’s thickening agents are in most cases petroleum based ingredients. These base ingredients are meant to lock in the moisture and be “air-tight”, creating a barrier between your skin and the environment. You can look at this from both a positive and a negative perspective. Creams lock in the moisture and if you have extremely dry skin you would benefit from a moisturizing cream. After lotioning up you may have noticed that your skin is much warmer than normal. I personally can’t do lotion before bed because it heats up my legs and then I just can’t sleep. That heat you are feeling is that “airtight” quality working it’s magic. Unfortunately, the cream barrier may also prevent nutrient-rich ingredients from fully absorbing. This means anti-aging creams may take months of consistent use before you see any sort of improvement to the areas you are trying to target.


Serums are lightweight and have a higher concentration of the targeted ingredients. Serums don’t contain thickening agents and instead you will normally see nut or seed carrier oils as the base ingredients. Carrier oils are more than just fluff, they are rich in vitamins that are essential for healthy vibrant skin. Serums are hydrating, they allow your skin to breath and you tend to see results much faster. Oils are also great for oily skin, strange right? Your skin actually overproduces oil when it feels like you are taking too much away (a good example would be over using witch hazel). Constantly stripping away your natural oils will cause your glands to overproduce because your cells need a certain amount of oil to stabilize. Applying oils to the skin sends a message to your cells that they don’t need to overproduce and will stabilize oily skin. Serum prices tend to be higher than creams, but with a serum you will use much less.

My thoughts based on personal experience...

I have tried many products and spent hundreds of dollars trying to find the right creams for my skin. Personally, all the creams did were clog my pores and cause pimples. I am naturally an oily person, so the cream made that situation worse for me.

The more we researched, I learned serums are much better for oily skin. When I started experimenting with serums, I was expecting thick, juicy and hydrating lightly scented drops of magic! What I experienced was quite different, the products were watery, never quite absorbed and oh god the smell. One product even left a crusty layer on top of my skin once it dried...gross! 

Here's the thing, despite the negatives .. the clear winner for me is serums. After we discovered the power of serums, we set out to solve the negatives associated with many of these top brands.

After real research and real results, we have launched an organic anti-aging serum that is highly absorbent, hydrating and the perfect solution for both dry and oily skin. It is packed full of vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids essential for beautiful skin. We spent all of our time perfecting the Repair Serum to give you the perfect blend of nutrients. There are no preservatives, extra fluff or harmful chemicals. We use a blend of the perfect plants and seeds that give the exact vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids necessary for maintaining healthy, plump and vibrant skin. We like to refer to our serum as a multi-vitamin for your face. Natural is better and you can see a difference between our product and the rest, simply because we care. I wanted a product for myself that I could trust and now we have a product we are proud to share with you!